Journal of Design Proofs

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How does the design process work when you order a sign from Below you will find our running journal of designs and sign specifications for Magnetic Signs, Banners, Yard Signs, Metal Signs, Temporary Signs, and Truck Lettering. These are actual orders from previous customers.

Our journal is updated daily with new designs. We only post in our journal the initial layout designed to the customers specifications. By the time the sign goes in production, many times, the design has changed dramatically from the initial proof you'll see below. Such is the nature of the design process. Never-the-less, this should give you a good feel as to how we and our customers design custom sign orders. If you have any questions, as usual, let us know - we'll be glad to help.

Custom Street Signs:

To order a similar ‘street sign’ or your own custom design made to your specifications, check out our ‘street sign’ ordering page.


Hello. Thanks again for your recent order. Attached you will notice a layout for your sign idea. Let me know what you think.

You mentioned adding Private Road to your sign. Usually, this is done in red in some format or another (ie — red road sign means private rd). However, there are no specific rules. So, attached you’ll notice a few layouts.

Keep in mind monitors vary GREATLY in the way they display colors. If an exact color match is needed, samples can be mailed right out.
Once we get the final go ahead your signs will mail within 1 working day. If you have any questions let me know.
Thanks, Toby

Sign Details: Size 6 inches by 24 inches Street Sign; Color Forest Green; Desired Fonts and TextTimes Roman MEGO TRAIL Is there a way to note this is a Private Road? I really only want the words MEGO TRAIL on the sign; but I want it to look like a real road sign. It will not have the letters Rd or Tr or Ln or Pl. Will it still look ok? This is a private road. Is there a symbol for Private Road? Or should we put that on the sign in smaller letters? Will that look funny? I would like to order another sign too. If I like the way this one looks; I would like one that says CHILI PEPPER Ln. Thanks carolyn Jones


Click image for a larger view.

To order a similar ‘street sign’ or your own custom design made to your specifications, check out our ‘street sign’ ordering page.