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I got bubbles in my lettering, what should I do?

Sorry to hear about the problem. Gladly, the problem can be fixed. First, it would be good to review the instructions here to see where the problem started.

As mentioned on the instructions page: “…if because of the heat or ‘bad squeegee technique’ you get bubbles, they can easily be pushed out if you used the wet method…” But, if you did not use the wet method or the decal has started to “dry” and the bubbles will not push out, these bubbles can be popped easily with a razor knife (or blade) and then pushed down. This may sound a little radical, but it’s not. If you use a sharp pointed razor knife, there will be NO evidence that the bubble was there (no blemish left on the vinyl). Professional installers do this quite regularly.

Also, it is good to keep in mind, that if the bubbles are small and numerous, changes in temperature either way (sun coming out or down) will make the air pockets draw down. So, again, if the bubbles are small, just give it a day or so, and they will go away on their own.

But, yes, the best way is to … get no bubbles to start with. Yes Icon Follow the installation instructions carefully and you’ll not see a bubble anywhere.

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