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Are these individual vinyl letters?

Yes. But all the letters are applied at once as one decal. After the transfer is removed, it just leaves individual letters applied.

Still confused? Here is some more background information that might make this clearer.

First the lettering is die cut from a large roll of vinyl. Using the dimensions requested on the order placed. It is placed on a plotter machine and the letters are die cut. It is then removed and placed at the weeding station. Weeding is the process of removing the excess material from in between the letters.

This means there is no connecting material. The letters are placed on a wax paper backing. The backing is designed to keep the adhesive on the letters from adhering. It then has a special transfer tape applied to the top of the lettering for protection and installation. The lettering is spaced and aligned to the exact dimension requested. What this means is there is no background material. It means the lettering can be cut apart, except if the font requested is connected such as a cursive font style.

Your lettering will have a very nice painted on look when installed. If you need something custom please contact us via chat or by phone. You will absolutely love our lettering it is the best.

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