vault icon Vault Program: Sizing, Pricing, Shadows

Many times a customer is unsure about the size they need. Or, more often then not, the size they have in mind will change the way the graphic looks. Then again, this is exactly what some want to do. To take care of the 'unsureness' of the design process, we have developed an online program that allows you to see exactly how your graphic will look sized the way you want. Take for example this image.

Unshaped Graphic Stripe

Lets say you want this graphic 10x86. After you enter in these sizes, the program will show you this graphic

Sized Graphic Stripe

But, then again, let say you want to change the graphics 'looks.' So you enter in 10x120. The program will show you this graphic.

Stretched Graphic Stripe

Or maybe you want to go the other way. Say 10x40. The program will show you this graphic.

Squeezed Graphic Stripe

Your price is also calculated. Price is based on square feet. So your exact size and price are figured, leaving nothing to chance. Finally at check-out you can choose 2 options. Color and Shadow/outline. Sadly, metal flake colors can not be shown on a monitor. So if you select Metal Flake Red - this will be the same color as the red shown, but will also be metal flake.

Some have been concerned about how the shadow/outline option works. Below you will find a quick 'run down' on these option choices.

Lower Right Shadow
Lower Right Graphic Stripe
Lower Left Shadow
Lower Left Graphic Stripe

Upper Right Shadow
Upper Left Graphic Stripe

Upper Left Shadow
Upper Left Graphic Stripe

Outlined Graphic Stripe

A common question regarding the shadow is: How will the shadow work on the graphic for the other side? Good Question. Shows your thinking. Answer: The graphic for the other side will be the exact opposite or mirrored. When ordering, select the shadow for the graphic shown.

Mirrored Graphic Stripe

So in the sample above the shadow requested was 'Lower Left Shadow.' The graphic for the other side technically would be a 'Lower Right Shadow' since it is the exact opposite (mirrored) of the graphic shown online. There is no need to try and order the shadow choice for the other side, since the other side is the mirror of the graphic shown. When ordering, the shadow selected is for the graphic shown. The other side will be the exact opposite.