Custom Vinyl Lettering - Understanding Lettering Height

Height size is based on overall height.

Normally this means the Capital letters are the exact size selected. But when the letterstyle has letters that drop down or raise up or a design with multiple lines of text, keep in mind the height selected will be the overall height. Here is an example:

How Letter height is calculated

To achieve an accurate rendering of your vinyl lettering, calculations and drawings are based on overall height of the line(s). Keep this in mind when designing with special fonts and/or characters that drop or raise up.

What if you want something custom (ie - wavy, arched, mirrored)? Or some other design specificaiton outside of our Decal Designerâ„¢? No worries. After you order, email us the change (ie - "be sure to make the letters exactly...") and a real human graphic designer (not an AI) will be glad to make the change to your order.

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