FAQ - Why no Haggling?

SignSpecialist Icon5 Why no Haggling?

Yes, this our company policy: No Haggling

Two Reasons: Practical and Moral

It is Practical to not haggle. Haggling takes time. Time is money. The more time we spend haggling the more we have to charge. Haggling will only make the price go up.

The weeds: Any business should know what it needs to produce / make / sell -- monthly, daily, and if they are really efficient, hourly. If a prospective job is eating away at that time making us less efficient, we have only two choices. Decline the job or increase the price. Besides this concern, pricing is very straightforward and is based on material costs. This leaves our pricing consistent and competitive. This keeps everyone happy. Our designers like to design, not negotiate and haggle. If they are presented with a need to haggle, besides keeping in mind company policy, their own nature prevents it.

It is Moral not to haggle. How much should we charge? Well the nature of our commercial world is that on most transactions there is a winner or a loser. We like our customers. We don't want to 'beat them' out of their money. And, well, we also like ourselves, and we need to make money. That moral tug can eat away good motive. So, we don't haggle.

The weeds: To Illustrate: Some customers don't care how much we charge them. It's rare, but really some customers never even think about price. It must be nice. So, do we charge them more? It would be tempting. It could be reasoned that we have wiggle room on pricing on jobs where the customer is fretting over every penny. But wouldn't that still be taking advantage of the first customer? A very slippery slope. We like to make a living and have fun designing,... and feel good about it. So, we don't haggle.

So, if the price is too high, let us know. We will re-run the numbers and make sure there was no mistake. But if pricing concerns eats up a lot of time, keep in mind pricing will just go up. And, if pricing concerns could eat at 'moral integrity', keep in mind... We don't haggle.