FAQ - Pre-Order Design Work

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Please keep a couple of points in mind about custom design work requests:

We have on average a thousand people a day visit our site. Many of those are just looking.... not quite ready to buy. Some of these folks ask for quotes... and that's great. Some want us to spend time designing when they are, at the moment, just looking. We try to accommodate pre-order work as best we can, with the hope some of these become customers.

On the other hand we have many paying customers, that rightly so, want their designs today. We value our customers. With a small design crew, we have to focus on satisfying customers first and for most. Therefore, at times, we can not do pre-order design work.

If that is the case now, please, "Request A Quote". We will provide an ordering link so you can order.

We will assign your order and design top priority!

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