FAQ - I would like a sun visor with a cut out of a Ford logo in the center?

SignSpecialist Icon5 I would like a sun visor with a cut out of a Ford logo in the center?

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I would like a sun visor with a cut out of a Ford logo in the center. I sent a picture to give you an idea. Can you help me?


It is possible to have a decal design found in the online store added to, or 'cut out' the visor strip - but tricky for the customer to get right.

The cost is no extra over the visor cost mentioned online. After you order email us the size for the design and the positioning on the banner - This is where it get tricky.

It can be difficult to get the right measurement for the design placement on the visor. We can center easy enough, but how far down from the top or bottom can be tricky to guess. As you can tell in the picture the ends of the visor get 'thicker', since a straight line (the visor) and a curved surface (the windshield) curves to match, the calculation can be tricky. So, take your time and let us know what you come up with.

Next, the installation. No doubt you have reviewed the online installation video. The easiest way to install a visor is wet. However, a portion of the visor will need to be pre-masked (see decal installation instructions online) so that the ford logo will hold in it proper place. This makes it tricky to install. Not hard - just tricky. A gentle touch removing the premask is needed and much time/patience to work out the invariable bubbles caused when removing the premask.

So, if you think your up to it, just order as usual, after you order email me your order number along with the 'correction' (cut out ford logo the size of _____ positioned ....) and I'll make the change to your order before production begins.

Ford is very strict about the use of its logos and trademarks. No one can use their logo unless authorized.

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