FAQ - Why do you prefer to correspond by email?

SignSpecialist Icon5 Why do you prefer to correspond by email?

First, if it's really important or urgent, give us a call. We do like to talk on the phone... maybe a bit to much.

But, yes, corresponding by email is much better for this type of work. There are a lot of 'p's and 'q's to get just right (sizes, colors, fonts, layouts, and etc....). You just can't beat email for this. A phone conversation can get 'old' in the mind with both parties. But if we have an email for reference... any memory lapses can be brought back up to speed very easily.

But there is another important reason. When abstract ideas are 'forced' into the written word, rambling disappears. Many times I've started a typing a sentence and stopped and backed upped and tried again... because it became obvious the idea would not work. Sometimes, not till the 3rd or 4th time does the 'good' idea take shape. Ideas can also be organized, reviewed, and even visualized and explained much better with the 'written' word. It does take more work, especially if you don't type well. But in the end, email correspondence creates a much better product with much less chance of errors.

Now, let's tie these two points together. If a customer calls to 'talk it out' (or to talk to someone to try to decide what to order) it can cause problems later. It can be difficult for both side to remember exactly what was 'talked out' or decided upon.

And again, the spoken word can not compete with the exactness of a picture sent by email. Yes, it may 'sound' good when described over the phone... but will it LOOK good. Only an email can answer this easily.

So, give careful thought, type up a draft of your ideas and concerns, review it -- and email it to us. We will email you right back.

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