FAQ - What do you mean you "Design for Free"?

SignSpecialist Icon5 What do you mean you "Design for Free"?

Thank you for the question.

First, of course, this does not mean we work for free. But we do indeed design for free.

So on many thousands of products offered you can customize and we'll design to your specifications at no additional charge.

To illustrate first with our decals. When ordering you can tell us any additional design specifications. For instance, you can add text (and tell us which letterstyle, and how to position the lettering -ie-'arched'), or have the decal mirrored from what is online, and etc... All at no additional charge. From our point of view, you are simply paying for the material - what is designed in the material does not alter the price. So then things that would raise the price are 1. a larger size and 2. more colors. But the design is free.

Next, to illustrate with our signs banners and graphics. In our custom signs and banners and graphics (excluding the Wildstripes Vault) and truck lettering departments we take the design specifications and create proofs for review by the customer (not available for decals). Now if the customer does not want to work with us on the design and does not want a proof - the price is still the same. But others like to work with us on getting just what they want. Even if it takes many proofs - the price is still the same. We design for free.

It is true, some like to leave it all up to us. If that's the case, we will still put the same energy and thought into the creative process. On the other hand, we do like it when the customer wants a proof or wants 'a hand in the design process'. This way, the customer knows and we know what is created will be liked. This eases our minds also. Nothing is more disheartening than creating something that is not liked. We look forward to the design process with our customers and do not try to rush this process at all.

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