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How long will the sign last?

Short Answer: At least 5 years with normal “use”.

However, usually much, much longer. What may reduce durability to just five years?

1. Flat (not vertical) installation. For instance a hood graphic life expectancy is just 5 years.

2. Submerged graphics. If your graphics are installed on a boat below the waterline, life expectancy is just 5 years. In salt water, installation below the water line is not recommended.

3. Harsh chemicals and detergents can cause damage. This includes “wax buildup”. For instance, if you wax your graphic, lettering, etc.. and leave wax along the edges, some waxes when wet can “eat” at the edges causing damage over time. Also, just as some chemicals can cause wear on paint or plastic – they can also cause the same to the vinyl. A good rule of thumb is: If it can hurt the surface your vinyl is applied to, it can hurt the vinyl. So, as an example, lacquer thinner, acid rain, etc.. WILL damage the vinyl just as it will the paint of a car.

Besides the above, you should get many, many years of use from the vinyl.

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