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How easy is CamoWrap to install?

CamoWraps is discontinued. Over the decades we have only offered the best of the best.

  1. Technology moves forward
  2. Tastes change
  3. Custom made wraps are more economical and easy to make ‘one off’ just for you

In comparison to other vinyl – very easy. But, it can be very time consuming.

Why is it ‘easy’?

First, CamoWrap uses 3M Control Tac vinyl. What this means is, if you get a wrinkle, crease, or bubble you can lift the vinyl back up and re-squeegee. You can do this over and over again – until it sits in the sun and ‘cures’ for a couple of hours (then its not going anywhere!) Very nice.

Second, it’s camouflage. 🙂 If you do get a bubble, you can’t see it. This is good – because you could let any small bubbles ‘go’. No one will ever see. (but bad in that it takes awhile of ‘feeling around’ to find them all and pop with a pin knife). Also, because it’s camouflage, splices are very very hard to see. The pattern hides splices very well. This is good, because usually some are needed. It’s good to think of a vehicle or ATV as a gift that needs to be wrapped. Some splices or folds are needed. While it’s always good to put them in a hidden place, it’s good to know, even if the splices are ‘right in the open’, they probably will not be seen.

Can you install CamoWrap? Tougher question. It’s not really an issue of skill but mind set. If you were one of those kids that liked building model cars or other detailed work – this will be you cup of tea. It does take patience and a lot of time (most vehicle wraps about 40 man hours). That being said, because of the above advantages of CamoWrap, a beginner really is as good (and fast) as an experienced installer.

Where does all the time go (in the installation)?
Mostly in prep and clean up work. For the best looking install on a vehicle or ATV it is good to remove as many accessories as possible (brake lights, grills, etc..). Then, take your time prepping the surface (fancy way to say cleaning the truck). On a vehicle pay particular attention to the fender wells and areas like this. If there ever is a problem with peeling, it will be in one of these greasy dirty areas that didn’t get cleaned. If you clean the ‘edges’ well and take your time doing it, you will get many many years from the CamoWrap.

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