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Why does Image Cropping Matter?

When uploading an image to be sized and made into a decal, how the image is cropped really matters.

For example, if you have an image like this:
why cropping matters 1

But if the actual outside proportions do not match the image inside, like this:why cropping matters 2

Then the size you enter and the width that is calculated might not be what you had in mind.

As an example,  say you want a 10″ tall decal. But if the unwanted background is not cropped out, the size calculations will be off:
why cropping matters 3a

So crop the image correctly and sizing will be accurate.
why cropping matters 3b

Of course this is an extreme example but hopefully it shows the issue.  If the image appears to be cropped disproportionately then:

  1. We are left guessing on the sizes needed
  2. Your order could be delayed
  3. Pricing could be inaccurate
  4. What you order might not be what you had in mind

So, crop the image to the desired proportions and all these concerns go away and you’ll get the decal exactly like you have in mind.

Ready? Upload your cropped image and make it into a decal here

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