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What is the difference between Removable and Permanent CamoClad?

CamoWraps is discontinued. Over the decades we have only offered the best of the best.

  1. Technology moves forward
  2. Tastes change
  3. Custom made wraps are more economical and easy to make ‘one off’ just for you

Yes, this is confusing at first glance.

The Permanent is cheaper. And since it is “Permanent” is it must be better right?

No. We wish there was a better description other than “Permanent” and “Removable” for these two CamoClad products. “Permanent” means it WILL NOT come off no matter what -even if you want it off!. It will take a grinder to it off. This is a negative if the CamoClad will need to come off later. This is why it is not recommended for vehicles (and is cheaper). “Removable” means it will not come off till you want it off. Even then, it will take some work (heat gun, solvents, elbow grease). “Removable” CamoClad will not in any way damage the paint it is applied to when working at removing the product even many years later. Extra engineering goes into the glue for the “Removable” CamoClad, therefore the extra cost.

We no longer offer CamoClad products. This question is now mute since CamoWraps only offers the ‘good stuff’ (3M control tac vinyl) to start with. This means: (1) No damage caused by the paint even if removed years later. (2) No ‘accidental’ removal until desired.

Yes, CamoWraps, in our opinion is the superior product.

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