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I want to send you a design I created. What file format should I send?

We can ‘handle’ just about any graphic file format. But, please, no .doc or .pub files. Word and Publisher documents are highly dependent on outside files and are version sensitive.

To at least make sure we are all on the ‘same page’, try sending as a .jpg , .gif , .bmp , .tif and we will be able to view the graphics. If unfamiliar with these formats, here’s a trick that may work: open the file in word, press ‘print scrn’ on your keyboard. Open the ‘paint’ program and edit paste then save as a .bmp. This is not the best way, but it will work fine to get us started.

However, these graphic files are only for viewing. They are in raster formats (bunch of dots) and can not be ‘scaled’. So a hand redraw would be needed 🙁

The best file formats are .ai, .eps, .dxf. These can be saved to include vector graphics (compared to raster or dot graphics). If your artwork can be remade in a vector format, it will save MUCH money on a redraw.

Please don’t just open a raster file and re save as in a vector format. We wish it was that easy 🙂 You would just have a raster file saved in a vector format 🙁

If you want to do the redraw yourself, there are several free ‘trace’ programs out there. ‘Trace’ programs convert from raster to vector. After the conversion, depending on the original quality, much ‘cleanup’ or redrawing could be needed. Hope not. It’s best to start with the highest quality image.

If you have any questions let us know.

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