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Does CamoWraps come pre-fitted?

CamoWraps is discontinued. Over the decades we have only offered the best of the best.

  1. Technology moves forward
  2. Tastes change
  3. Custom made wraps are more economical and easy to make ‘one off’ just for you

It depends on the kit. Some kits do come pre fitted (gun kits – which still need some trimming and some ATVs can be ordered ‘die cut’). While CamoWrap may not like us saying this, with regard to the ATV die cut kits: ‘why bother’. Order one of the regular unfitted kits, and if you have a mess up – your not stuck a piece short. Since the unfitted kits always have extra – enough for at least one mistake. Not that anybody would ever mess up 🙂 –

The vehicle kits do not come pre-fitted. And again, this really is an advantage. Besides the extra material, there are no ‘registration’ worries. If, say a fender where precut there would be worries about starting to lay on one end and having the other end short – because you started a little off or at an angle. It is much better to apply one big oversized sheet and then after applied – trim the edges. Much better.

Sheets come in 4’x5′ panels and do not need the pattern matched exactly from one section or panel to another. But if you do have to cover a large section and need to but together two pieces (ie roof or hood) – it looks better to register the two pieces – alot like you would do wallpaper – so that the pattern matches. But between say a door and fender, no need to match patterns exactly. However, keep in mind there is an ‘up’ to each pattern. You should start with the patterns shadow on the bottom on each piece. But lets say you star with the patterns shadow on the left. At least make sure each following piece has that same shadow direction. This is easy to tell. Look for the patterns logo stamp – and keep each sheets logo angled the same way. If you do this, even if get ‘up’ pointing ‘down’, no one will notice.

If you have any other questions – even during the installation, let us know. We’ll be glad to help.

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