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Can I get a CamoWraps kit for my ________?

CamoWraps is discontinued. Over the decades we have only offered the best of the best.

  1. Technology moves forward
  2. Tastes change
  3. Custom made wraps are more economical and easy to make ‘one off’ just for you

Very common question. While CamoWraps does offer kits for some ATVs die cut to fit, this is not a popular option. Why? Well, what happens if you mess-up just one little piece? A big problem… because of the time and expense of getting that one fitted piece to you.

A much better option is to order either a kit with the same square footage you need or order by the sheet. This will allow some leeway for mistakes.

So what to do? Take some time and measure the square footage needed to cover your ________ and, first see if another general CamoWraps kit has close to the same material. If not, order the number of 4’x5′ sheets needed to cover your project.

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