Custom Vinyl Decals and Lettering

Cleaning 023-0116 Happy cleaning lady with broom over shoulder vinyl sticker. Customize this cheerful cleaner vinyl decal to make it your own. You can add a color and your own words to our vinyl decals and vinyl stickers free and easily on line as you order.
Happy cleaning lady with broom over shoulder vinyl decal. Customize on line. Cleaning 023-0116
Happy cleaning lady with broom over shoulder vinyl decal. Customize on line.       Cleaning 023-0116

Customize and order this decal by clicking the "Calculate" button above.  All of our Vinyl Decals are made from high performance vinyl  with special low initial tac adhesive to allow repositioning but yet still have excellent durability.  Ideal for your Car, Truck, SUV, Boat, Motorcycle, ATV, or any other unwaxed smooth surface!  Available in whatever size   you need. You can even add text (dozens of font choices previewed online) to this decal at no extra cost. Remember our decal stickers are custom made to your specifications. 

Besides very educational installation instructions,  for the 'faint at heart' that worry they will mess-up this decal's installation, this decal comes with small "practice" decals so you can test your installation skills.  But with our High Performance Vinyl, it's just about as easy as 'peel and stick'.  How easy is it?  Check out what others have said about the installation.

What makes this decal sticker so great:

High Performance Vinyl
Minimum 5 Year Outdoor Life
Easy to Apply!
Easy Installation Instructions Included!

As of all orders are shipped within 2 days from order.  90% of all orders are shipped the very next day.  More details here.

How do you start?  Simply click "Calculate Price For Different Sizes" and let us show you how easy it is to order sticker decals online.

Can I Install This Decal?" video shows the simple easy to follow steps on how to install this decal.  Why show an installation video on an ordering page?  It does seem some hesitate to order, not for sure if they're up to such a 'hands on' project.  This simple 2 minute installation guide really helps to relieve any lingering concerns about the ease of installation of these quality decals. Be sure to watch!
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